I'm Looking for someone...is it you? 

I am looking for someone to partner with. A fierce female who wants to make a difference in this world. Someone who is not afraid to show up and be seen. Someone who wants to link arms with me as we work to change the world of healthcare and empower people to rise up and take responsibility for their health and wellness.

I am looking for a strong female who loves natural things and has a heart of service. She has a powerful story inside her that needs to be shared, and she wants to share it, in the hopes of inspiring and encouraging others. She wants to be a force for good in a time where people are looking for light and support. She is not afraid of hard work, and in fact, when she is doing this work, it doesn’t feel like work at all. It feels like she is in the flow.

She has a passion to share and to educate others. She has big goals, aspirations, and dreams. She wants more from life and does not feel content just being stagnant and sticking with the status quo.

She wants to lead a team. She has felt this desire, this pull from her heart for a while now. It calls to her. Is it you?

I have reached a point in my business where I am ready to pour my time, talents, and energy into someone special. I am ready to link arms and support her. I have actually been holding space for her for a while now, but the time feels right to share these desires.

dōTERRA has been a huge blessing to me. It has given me a platform to help and serve others. In a time of uncertainty, our team is thriving. We are blessed to see massive growth, even during a global pandemic and recession. The power of having a job which provides residual income along with the freedom to work from home and create your own schedule has never been more needed. In a time when the world could use a little more light and love, we are the lightworkers. In a time when more and more people are becoming open to natural remedies and taking responsibility for their own health and wellness, we help guide the way.

Does this work call to you? Are you ready to lead yourself first so you can then lead a team? Let’s talk.


I am always here to help. 

Please allow up to 24 hours for a response.

Let's Grow Together

I believe sales is service and that you can grow a business you are proud of. I can show you how. You already have everything you need inside of you. The hardest step is believing in yourself and saying "yes" to you and your dreams. You are home anyway right now; you might as well build a business. You are on your phone anyway too, so you might as well serve and help others while you are there. Do you like supporting others and changing lives? Let's connect.

"When I first tried doTERRA, I was amazed! It all started because of Laura. She sent me some samples. I spoke with her about allergies and of course many other things. When I first tried them, it was like magic and the results spoke for themself! My child who has suffered from asthma for about 11 years, was doing better! I've seen results no medication could give during all the time. I had only used oils for a month, and what a difference. Laura walked me through it all. Her knowledge is amazing and she truly wants the best for you! She has answers to everything! It's been a pleasure getting to learn from her and her journey ."

-Jamie L.