Hi! I’m Dr. Laura


Listen, if you are like 90% of my clients and customers - you are TIRED of feeling sick and tired. You have been looking for a better way to support your health and wellness.

Going from doctor to doctor, getting tons of labs done, being told everything is "normal," and still feeling exhausted, overwhelmed, confused, and stuck. 

It's not your fault. 

You haven't been taught how to treat the underlying root issues of your health and how to nourish yourself from within. 

After receiving my doctorate in physical therapy, I got sick with a rare cancerous tumor, and that was the catalyst that required me to dig deeper and heal my body.

I started changing my diet and lifestyle, reduced my toxic load, incorporated essential oils into my daily routine, and I started to heal.  

I took a one-year certification in women's health and functional nutrition, and I now help other women do the same. 

No more confusion. No more overwhelm. No more spinning your wheels and wondering what your next steps are. Healthy can be simple. And I'll show you how. 

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Whether you want to improve your health, ditch the toxins, or grow an online business and work from home, I've got options to support you. 

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Ready to bring the oils into your home to support your health & wellness goals? I've got you! 

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