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Welcome! I am so excited for you as you take this next step to empower yourself. If you are here, you are serious about being the CEO of your health and wellness and empowering yourself with natural tools for support. I am here as your guide along this journey. Don't worry, I got you and will be here to support you each step of the way. 

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The first step in starting your essential oil wellness journey is to choose your starter kit. Our most popular starter kits are listed for you below.

Little Kit

This is the easiest way to get started with the oils. This kit includes the top 10 oils in smaller 5 mL bottles (80-85 drops per bottle) + a diffuser that runs for 10 hours for $150.

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Bigger Kit

This is the most popular starter kit. This kit includes the top 10 oils in larger 15 mL bottles 250 drops per bottle) + a diffuser that runs for 12 hours for $249.

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Toxin Swap

If you are ready to jump all in and swap out the toxins in your home, this is your kit. For $570, you are receiving our top oils & products, a diffuser, storage box, and more.

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"I discovered essential oils long before I discovered Dr. Laura Ricci, but I'm so very grateful that we crossed paths. I was using inferior oils and had been given no guidance. Laura changed both of those things for me. She took me by the hand and guided me through the basics and got me started the right way with high-quality oils that have helped my sleep, mood, and appearance. I am forever grateful to her."

-Lisa Davis