Virtual Coaching Services 

Virtual functional nutrition & health coaching sessions, essential oil education sessions, and business coaching sessions are available via Zoom or phone.   

Health Coaching

Tired all the time? Hormones out of wack? Struggling with pelvic pain or decreased libido? Feeling the need to make a change for your health, but not sure where to start? Private health coaching will give you simple tools to help you feel your best!

Essential Oil Education

Already have an account with doTERRA, love your oils, but not sure how to put them to use for your specific health and wellness concern? Book a private oil education session to dive deeper and get your questions answered. 

Business Coaching

Growing an essential oil business online and not sure where to start? Book a private business coaching session to learn simple tools and strategies to grow your business online and via social media and create massive value for your customers. 

Single Coaching Session

$150 per 1-hour session

A single health coaching session is an option for a client who wants to try out an initial coaching session before committing to a coaching package, or would like to check in periodically for a session from time to time. Please note, email support is not provided with a single health coaching session. Email support between sessions is only provided to those participating in an individualized health coaching plan for health coaching, essential oil education, or business coaching.

If the scheduled session runs long, the client’s bill will be adjusted accordingly for the time overage.


Individualized Coaching Plan

Making healthy lifestyle changes takes time, requires commitment, and cannot be accomplished in only a few sessions, which is why I provide and recommend an individualized plan to support my clients in meeting their goals.


Intensive Plan 3-Session Coaching Package

$400 one-time payment for 3 sessions (or 3 monthly payments of $140)


Session #1: Initial Plan/Evaluation (1-hour session)

During the first session, we will discuss your medical history, your medical timeline, and what has and hasn't worked for you along your journey so far. We will review labs, supplements, and your nutrition. We will make a clear plan with a detailed follow-up email, which will include education, links to resources, recipe ideas, and more.


Session #2: Follow-Up Session (45 minutes)

This session will take place around 3-4 weeks after your initial session. Here, we will check back in, see how the initial plan worked for your body, and tweak your plan accordingly. We will see what challenges came up with implementing the initial plan with your daily life. Did any challenges come up with consistency? We will troubleshoot these challenges so you can adjust and plan accordingly for next time.


Session #3: Final Follow-Up Session (45 minutes)

This session will take place around 3-4 weeks after your second session, allowing us a final opportunity to tweak the original plan. We will check-in and see if there are any adjustments from the second session that are still not working.


Healing is not a straight line, which is why I recommend clients invest 3 months into themselves with this health coaching plan, to allow enough time to know if we are moving in the right direction. We need this information to get to the root cause of the issue.



PayPal and Venmo (@DrLauraRicci) are accepted for payment.


Cancellation Policy

If you do not show up for your scheduled appointment, and you have not notified me at least 24 hours in advance, you will be required to pay the full cost of the session.

Contact Information


Dr. Laura Ricci, PT, DPT, WHNC, NBC-HWC

Email: [email protected]


Please note, email is the best way to get a hold of me as I am typically working with clients during the day.



P.O. Box 51151

Amarillo, TX 79159


Regular Hours

Monday - Thursday

1pm - 5:00pm Central Time