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Immunity Investigations Masterclass

Important Note: If you uncheck the subscribe to our email list box above when purchasing your ticket, you will NOT receive the email with access to the class and the additional handouts and resources. If you do not receive an email after purchase, please check your spam and junk folders.   Feeling overwhelmed and confused during this season?Not sure what to do right now?Want to know how to best protect yourself?Wondering what is the best way to support yourself if you do get sick?Confused about getting the vaccine or not?We've created this masterclass just for you.In our Immunity Investigations webinar, we will guide you through the research and provide you with tools to support you with making a decision that feels best to you.It will include a dive deep into supplements, essential oils, lifestyle, and mindset information. We will also talk about ways to support your immune system during this time, as well as what to do if you start to feel under the weather.There will also be a discussion on the different vaccine options, research, and how we each personally decided to make the best decision for us and our bodies during this time.Spoiler alert: one of us is half-vaxed and the other is not, so you will get to receive information and hear perspectives on both sides of this issue.Purchasing a ticket to this event will include lifetime access to this replay, as well as an ebook including all of the slides with links to the information presented, along with handouts and other resources.As a reminder, the information in this presentation is not intended as medical advice, but rather as education from our research and personal experience. Always consult your doctor or other qualified medical specialist for any health issues and/or medical symptoms.

$47.00 USD